Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Training 02-03-14 to 02-09-14

02/03/14 Monday
Back Squat: 65%x5, 70%x5, 75%x5, 80%x5
Snatch: Heavy Single, then -75%x2x2, 80%x1x3
Snatch Pull off riser (3”): 90%x3x5
Front Squat: 60%x5, 65%x5x3
Back Extension: 3x10

02/04/14 Tuesday
Muscle Snatch: 3x3
Power Snatch: 70%x2x2, 75%x2x2
Power Clean + Power Jerk: 70%x2x2, 75%x2x2
Snatch Balance: 70%x2x2, 75%x2x2, 80%x2x2
Alternate sets on A1/A2
A1. Ring Push Ups 3x10
A2. 1-arm Dumbell Row 3x10

02/05/14 Wednesday
Clean and Jerk: Heavy Single, then -75%x2x2, 80%x1x3
Jerk (blocks): 80%x2x2, 85%x2x3
Jerk Rack Support: 3 sets, heavy (hold as long as possible)
Clean Pull off riser (3”): 90%x3x5
Back Extension: 3x10 (hold 2 sec @ top)

02/06/14 Thursday
Back Squat: 65%x5x2, 70%x5x3
Snatch Blocks (knee): 73%x2x2, 78%x2x2
Clean off Blocks (knee): 73%x2x2, 78%x2x2
BTN Snatch Grip Press: 5x3
Front Squat: 60%x5x3

02/07/14 Friday

02/08/14 Saturday
Snatch: Heavy Single, 80%x1x3
Clean and Jerk: Heavy Single, 80%x1x3
Snatch Deadlift: 110%x3x5
Hand Stand Practice
Pull-Ups (strict): 3 x max reps

02/09/14 Sunday

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