Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Training 11-25-13 to 12-01-13

Monday 11/25/13
Back Squat: 86%x4x5
Hang Snatch (above knee) : 70%x3x4
Jerk (off blocks): 78%x3x3, 81%x3x2
Snatch pull: 100%x3x5
GHD Sit-ups: 3x15

Tuesday 11/26/13
Hang Clean (above knee): 70%x3x4
Clean Pull: 100%x3x5
Snatch balance: 75%x3x2, 80%x3x3
Push Press: 85%x4x4 (Use 1RM push press or 90% of best power jerk)
Back Extension: 3x10 (weighted)

Wednesday 11/27/13
Muscle Snatch: 65%x4x4
Clean and Jerk: 70%x3x3, 75%x2x3
Clean deadlift:108%x4x5
Front Squat: 85%x4x5

Thursday 11/28/13

Friday 11/29/13
Back Squat: 85%x4x5
Snatch: 70%x3x3, 75%x2x3
Snatch deadlift:108%x4x5
Snatch push press: 83%x4x5

Saturday 11/30/13
Snatch: 80%x1, 82%x1, 84%x1, 87%x1, 80%x1, 82%x1, 84%x1
Clean & jerk: 80%x1, 82%x1, 84%x1, 87%x1, 80%x1, 82%x1, 84%x1
RDL: 72% (of 1 RM Clean) x6x5
Bench Press: 80%x3x4

Sunday 12/01/13

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