Sunday, September 22, 2013

We will be going off of feel this week for most lifts. Use this as an opportunity to test your progress. If you feel you can set a new PR, go for it.

Monday 09-23-13
Snatch – HS – 2x3
Clean and Jerk – HS – 2+1x3
Snatch Deadlift off riser – 100%x3x3
Back Squat – 87%x3x10

Tuesday 09-24-13
Power Snatch – HS 2x3
Power Clean – HS 2x3
Push Press – 75% x3 x2 80% x 2 x 3
Back Extension– 3x15

Wednesday 09-25-13
High Hang Snatch– 5x2
High Hang Clean – 5x2
Clean Pull – 105%x4x3
Clean Deadlift off riser – 100%x3x3
Box Jump – 3x10 high

Thursday 09-26-13
Power Jerk + Split Jerk – 75%x1+1x3, 80%x1+1x3, 85%x1+1
Jerk Dip Squat – 95%x3, 100%x3x2, 105%x3x2
Snatch Push Press – 70%x4, 75%x4x4
Front Squat - 92%x3x10

Friday 09-27-13

Saturday 09-28-13
Snatch – Build to a heavy single, 90%x1, 80%x1x3
Clean and Jerk - Build to a heavy single, 90%x1, 80%x1x3
Good morning – 4x5
GHD Sit-up’s – 3x12-15

Sunday 09-29-13

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